translated from Spanish: “We will burn together.” Sprinkles his former partner with alcohol

a man kidnapping his former partner, the beating and later it came up to his car where continued assaulting her, as well as throw alcohol into the body while saying “We are going to burn together,” in the town of bona erense of Tigre.Sin however the woman came out of the vehicle, managing to escape from his executioner jumping out of the moving vehicle and fractured several vertebrae by what remains hospitalized. The incident occurred last Tuesday, when the man took by force to their victim identified as Claudia “n”, 51-year-old, who is hospitalized at a clinic in San Fernando with fractures in her vertebrae and other product of the beating injuries.

Illustrative image. Photo: Pixabay the defendant, Jorge “n” for 42 years, in that time managed to give to you escaping it, however, nearly three days later he was arrested by detectives of the departmental sub-delegation of research (Sub DDI) of Tiger when it circulated by that party of the North of the suburbs with the Red Fiat Palio which worked and which was also used in the fact. As reported by judicial Telam.fuentes revealed that inside the car the man continued assaulting the woman, he took out a bottle of alcohol that sprayed it to her and also to himself and said: “I’ll kill you. We’re going to burn together”. The woman seeing threatening his life, opened the door and threw the vehicle moving when they drove through the crossing of the streets Aristobulo del Valle and José Martí.

Illustrative image. Photo: Pixabay always according to the indictment, there man fell from the car and gave him a new beating, after which escaped. The victim was assisted by members of the Tiger patrol command immediately called for an ambulance for medical attention. The woman was transferred to clinic San Pablo de San Fernando, where is still hospitalized with serious injuries and even fractures in the vertebrae that, according to police sources, they might let you sequels. In this note:

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