translated from Spanish: Antonio García Conejo celebrates disappearance of currents in the interior of the PRD

home Michoacán celebrates Antonio García rabbit disappearance of currents to the interior of the PRD Morelia, Michoacan.-by means of a press release, the brother of the Governor, Antonio García Conejo, Senator of the Republic, held that the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), has given the big step toward unity and has returned to the origin, modified its statutes during the 15th National Council, where it was agreed the the disappearance of the currents of opinion.
He said that to hear the voice of militancy was determined the formation of a consultative body of strategic policy and the expansion of the age to young people up to 35 years of age so that they can occupy strategic positions.
He said that the way to fight remains and conviction is will continue to fly the causes which gave rise to the PRD.
“There are democratic freedoms in the PRD and also respected the right to dissent, but majorities have opted for a fresh start.”
Also defined the date for the next National Congress is held on 2 and 3 March, be amended where the basic documents of the party and the election of all the managing bodies that will be April 28, 2018.
“We are on the path of reconstruction of the PRD, we will pay for the work and the unit”.

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