translated from Spanish: Events of December 2: what happened a day like today?

Madrid, 1 Dec (Efe). -Morning, Sunday, December 2, 2018, is the international day for the abolition of slavery. Saints: I advent, Saints Eusebio, Paulina, Aurelia and Lupo.1804.-Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned Emperor by Pope Pius VII, in the Cathedral of paris.1805.-French troops defeat the Allied of Austria and Russia at Austerlitz, one of the most brilliant victories of napoleon.1852.-a coup d ‘ état in France allows Carlos Luis Bonaparte, President of the Republic, to become emperor Napoleón III.
1903. the Spanish Congress approves the law of rest dominical.1906-Spain and Portugal sign the Act by which is delimited the border between both paises.1927-León Trotski, organizer of the Red Army, was expelled from the Communist Party of the URSS.1931. Federico García Lorca announces the setting up Theatre “La Barraca”.1942-the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize in physics 1938, assemble the first atomic pile of uranium.
1954-the US Senate dismisses the Senator Mc Carthy, promoter of the so-called “witch hunt”, persecution of people of izquierdas.1956.-the ship “Granma” arrived in Cuba with 82 Cuban revolutionaries willing to overthrow dictator Fulgencio Batista.1971.-it constitutes the Federation of United Arab Emirates, made up of six Emirates of the Gulf persico.1979-the Embassy of United States in Libya is assaulted and burned by manifestantes.1982.-Bries doctor performs the world first implantation of an artificial heart standing in the State of Utah (USA). UU).1997-is approved in Brussels the new military structure of NATO by the 16 members of the organizacion.1999-Elizabeth II of England confirms the transfer of powers to the new Northern Ireland Government, which gives home to autonomy for the provincia.2008-the Constitutional Court of Thailand dissolves three parties in the coalition Government for electoral fraud and incapacitates its leaders for five years to perform duties publicas.2013.-Francisco Pope receives in the Vatican to the Prime Minister Israeli, Netanyahu.2015-killed 14 people and 17 others are injured in a shooting in San Bernardino, California, claimed by the Islamic State… -The Constitutional Court annulled the independence resolution of the Parliament of cataluna.2016.-the Spanish Government approves the rise of 8 per cent of the minimum wage for 2017, until 707,60 euros.2017.-Francisco Pope ends trip to Burma and Bangladesh, where Finally met and gave the name “rohinya” of the persecuted ethnic minority.

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