translated from Spanish: Mirtha Legrand criticized Mery del Cerro for the tribute that made him

María de el Cerro and Facundo Mazzei wanted to pay tribute to Mirtha Legrand in “Dancing 2018”. The choreography had the special participation of Felipe Colombo and Juan Otero, the son of Florencia Peña. But no surprise was enough because they harvested just 16 points from the jury and were sentenced.

As a thank you the television diva invited to your table actress who represented it in the program of Marcelo Tinelli and first thing he shot was: “perhaps needed a little more of luxury and splendor.” But what you did… dancing of a cinema and television figure is very difficult.”” We play it to us, we did it with much love, from the soul because you’re of the most important figures in the country. It was difficult to honor it knowing that we could not set aside the dance”, Mery del Cerro replied. 
“It is very difficult to make the life of a person dancing,” said Mirtha. 

-“People say ‘ I expected a more luxurious thing, with dresses, more bombastic ‘, more luxurious perhaps”, sentenced the honoree. -“It is a reality, a show, you can have people who don’t like”, said Mery while it was quiet at the table of the diva. -“It is the first time that they do this. I thank you. He had a nostalgic thing that I liked. “Passes that the others were very good, the Malvinas, the little ones of Chaco and formerly of Pachano opening”, concluded. 

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