translated from Spanish: Pinera celebrated 70 years of the Universal Declaration of DD. HH: “we need a culture to be alert”

the President Sebastian Pinera led the commemoration ceremony of the 70 years of the Universal Declaration of human rights with a ceremony at the Plaza de la Constitucion. On the occasion referred to the work to be carried out abroad in this matter based on the document that was adopted at the third General Assembly of the UN. All this, a day after the Government announced that you subtract the Summit for global pact on migration that is developing today and will last until morning in Morocco. “This statement has 30 articles and enshrines the rights inherent to all human beings, those who belong to them all without any distinction as to race, sex, nationality, social origin, language, religion or any other status,” said Pinera in his speech. Thus, he emphasized “the right to life and the right to freedom. And also not be subjected to slavery and torture, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression and many other freedoms.” Also referred to “dark periods in our history”, recognizing that “these rights were not respected and that is many times more serious were violated by the own State agents”. Therefore, he argued that “our mission is to learn the lessons that history gives us. (…) No country is immune to the infringement of human rights and that history has taught us.” This, he added that “we need a culture be alert, be aware that human rights are respected. That is why today we renew our firm commitment to the dignity that all human beings are born. (…) Reaffirming that no circumstances, of any kind, there is not even extraordinary circumstances justifying the infringement of the DD. Hh “, continued.” Also stressed that in Chile there are a set of “16 most vulnerable groups”, where children and adolescents, in addition to “We Chileans living in poverty, the rights of older adults”, said. This list also joined the sick, people with disabilities, peoples indigenous persons deprived of liberty “and those who are discriminated against arbitrarily by their sexual status or any other circumstances and also the rights of migrants” concluded

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