translated from Spanish: AMLO urged legislators not to confront the judiciary

city of Mexico.-legislators of Morena must not confront with the Ministers and judges of the Court, asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador before the recent dispute by l refusal of request to reduce their salaries. After participating in a meeting of Deputies and Senators morenistas with Lopez Obrador, the Coordinator of the caucus in the upper House, Ricardo Monreal, said that he asked them to keep a transition in harmony.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked Morena legislators not to confront with the judiciary. | Reform spoke that it would be respectful of the judiciary, of the resolution which was issued (with respect to the challenge to the law of compensation) and calling to the Chamber of deputies to act to rise to the occasion to generate arm transition conditions oniosa and appropriate with all the powers.

in the case of the legislative branch, he recommended, he suggested to act in recent days with decision and firmness, but never in confrontation with any of the powers, he said in an interview with media. 

According to Monreal, President López Obrador said that it would not interfere in the election of the new Minister or Minister who will come to the Court from among the candidates that make up the three admitted yesterday to the Senate.

he gave freedom to lawmakers so that the Senators decide freely who better represented in fitness, ability and honesty, the post, that he would not recommend to anyone and that any of the proposals he would respect it, said.

Monreal said the Senate will choose the new Member of the Court next week.

on the other hand, said that while the President defended his education reform initiative, not you asked to accelerate the legislative process.

(said) that you I interested to provide you step and fulfilment to the reform, given that it was a campaign commitment and he wanted to be coherent and consistent with featured, and now, as President of the Republic, to comply. He asked the legislators to act freely, he described.

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