translated from Spanish: For the first time we celebrate the international day of braille

An accident at an early age, the Frenchman Louis Braille product completely lost the vision of both eyes and with his own disability as motivation, in 1825 devised a system of points embossed that baptized with its name, allows blind people to read and is screen.
Those who have some relationship with visual disability or are blind and therefore users, appreciate daily the creation of a method that directly impacts on their quality of life and allows them to develop socially and occupationally.
The vast majority of the world’s population, however, knows of the existence of this tool of reading Scripture, but does not measure its value.
By the same, and the product of a request of the World Blind Union, a few days ago the UN passed that all the 4 January, the day of the birth of Luis Braille, the planet celebrate the world day of the Braille… Bravo! They are small steps, but they are signs that contribute to greater awareness of the need to provide space for all and each one of those who make up our society.
In light Foundation, and especially in our Colegio Santa Lucia, we prepare and train all students blind and low vision in the best possible way, with cutting-edge technology and techniques that enable them to integrate into the traditional school system or inserted in multiple products companies.
Certainly, if our work is compounded by a favourable climate, initiatives such as the UN, and national discussions regarding labour laws, universal accessibility or food labelling, then we will be navigating even faster and with more firm steps towards an inclusive society.
Bravo! Bravo for the world day of the Braille! Bravo for everything that allows us to embrace, accept, motivate, include!

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