translated from Spanish: The controversial meme of the Chapo lawyer filed in court

New York-now a meme emerged in the federal trial that followed in New York against the Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman earlier Loera.Lo was released by lawyers for the chapo , who presented an image to the jury to illustrate the first escape of his client in the 2001.El journalist Alan Feuer, The New York Times, unveiled the meme through his Twitter. The image shows “Chito” moving in a cart laundry to the accused. “Chito” was the employee of the prison in Puente Grande in Jalisco, who supposedly would have helped him Loera escape. The picture emerged when the lawyer of the Chapo, Balarezo questioned “The Bachelor”, the friend of the Chapo. “Are you saying that the world most powerful cartel leader escaped hidden in a cart like this?”. 

As a demonstrative aide – not official evidence – the defense displayed this cartoon rendering of hush and Chapo to the jury.
It gets at what a bizarre geyser of insanity this trial has become.— Alan Feuer (@alanfeuer) January 24, 2019 responded ” Yes, ” Lopez Nuñez “The Bachelor”. The lawyer wanted to accuse Lopez Nuñez help Guzman, opening the doors of the criminal during the first escape. He said already not working there at the time. Balarezo had no more questions. Legal representatives noted that they were trying to support his argument that the flight of his client would not have been possible only with the help of an employee.
This shows that the trial has become a bizarre geyser of madness, Feuer said in a comment to the illustration.

The exempleado of the prison maintenance had been 17 years held by recognized be who pulled out of prison to the drug hidden in a laundry truck. However, it was the last December when the fifth court in criminal matters of the city of Mexico overturned its ruling against Francisco Javier Camberos, alias “Chito”, who had been the only person to be processed by the first flight of the ex-leader of the Sinaloa.El Cartel Judgment of the Chapo has been criticized for apparently a show, because every time the personal life is known more and always caused a stir in both national and international media, from the love letters who wrote to her lovers, the payment that was for one night of sex , among other things. 

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