translated from Spanish: At least 12 dead and scores wounded after desbarranco a bus and a truck in Peru

are reported so far at least 12 people dead and 37 injured after a bus passenger and a truck falling into an abyss during This Friday night. The fact occurred after a collision between two vehicles at the height of kilometer 57 of the road linking the region of Arequipa to Puno region in per. Jesús Bolaños in the region of Arequipa police officer told the AFP news agency that “up to the moment tenem “I reported 12 people dead and 37 wounded following the shock and fall of a bus and a truck into an abyss”. Bolaños specified that the accident that led to the fall of the bus and the truck to a gap of 100 meters came after clash between both vehicles front at kilometer 57 of the road linking the regions of Arequipa and Puno Southeast of the capital Lima.Acorde to the official is still searching for possible victims or injured in the area. Among those already rescued injured who were transferred by police and firefighters to hospitals in Arequipa, there are 13 women and 5 children. The bus traveled 50 people, both in the truck were nine, of which only one survived: six were travelling in the hopper and three, in the driver’s cab.

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