translated from Spanish: The new twilight already has a list of nominees for the Oscar

before dark Futurism of «Black Mirror» and the «amazing stories» by Steven Spielberg, the imagination was lit with «The twilight» (The Twilight Zone), series between 1958 and 1964 took tales of science fiction to the screen around the world. Classic stories as the frightened passenger who thinks he sees (or ve?) a monster on the wing of a plane were born of this anthology that had a new impossible story in each chapter, inspiring as dissimilar as «End-time» series and shorts of the «House of the» Tree of Terror»of»The Simpsons».

The famous «Nightmare at 20,000 feet», featuring chapter by William Shatner series had a worthy adaptation to cinema in the ‘ 80s (call in Argentina «to the edge of reality»), but past attempts to resurrect it in television have not been successful. The American air CBS channel last year launched its own platform of streaming (CBS All Access) and decided to bet on the events of his past. They started with Star Trek (the excellent series «Star Trek: Discovery»), followed with a variant of big brother and prepare for end of the year the new twilight directed by fashion Director: Jordan Peele, who also will serve as Narrator of the series.

Jordan Peele began his career as an actor and producer of «Key & Peele», revolutionary program of humor Peele is the talented director who won the Oscar in 2017 for best screenplay for «Flee!» (Get Out) a horror movie that explored issues of racial appropriation with the same mixture of fantasy and social commentary that characterized, precisely, the original twilight. The first season will last 10 chapters and mixed original stories with remakes of the best episodes of the series from the ‘ 60s. Peele is committed to lead one of the chapters in collaboration with Marco Ramirez («The Defenders») and Simon Kinberg («X-Men: dark Phoenix».)

CBS investment is noticed in the cast, which includes nominees to Oscar and recognizable faces of cinema and television. That famous chapter of the aircraft will be recreated by Adam Scott («Parks & Recreation»), while an original episode called «The Traveler» will be starring Steven Yeun, Dear Glenn’s «The Walking Dead». Other episodes will be in the cast Greg Kinnear (‘better impossible’), Kumail Nanjiani («a love Inseparable»), Rhea Seehorn (Kim in «Better Call Saul») and Jacob Tremblay, the child’s «Room.» The CBS All Access service is not available outside the United States, but the channel has an agreement for international distribution with Netflix that allows to transmit «Star Trek: Discovery» the same day around the world. Fingers crossed for that to happen the same with the new series.

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