translated from Spanish: Located a teenager reported as missing in Morelia, Michoacán

home security located a teenager reported as missing in Morelia, Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-research work carried to conducted by the Special Prosecutor for the investigation and prosecution of offences of forced disappearance of persons and disappearance committed by private individuals, allowed to locate a girl of 16 years of age, who last Sunday was reported missing in this capital.
January 27, Y.L.V.G., left his house located in the colonia Héroes insurgents in this city, without referring to where he was heading, so it immediately arose the corresponding complaint to the agent of the Public Ministry of the Special Prosecutor.
During the integration of the card we found elements that were assumed that the integrity of the teenager was at risk, so the search for Amber Pre-Alerta Protocol was activated.
Therefore, staff of the Directorate of research and analysis carried out intelligence work and implemented an operative in the Galaxy Tarímbaro fractionation, managing to reach Y.L.V.G., at a private residence.
Assurance was immediately conducted and transfer the teenager to the institution, so that a forensic doctor certify it; Y.L.V.G., said that he had left home willingly, so investigations were completed by.

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