translated from Spanish: The ghost of Michelle Bachelet round La Moneda and the opposition

It will fulfill a year crossed the threshold of La Moneda and his figure remains focus of right. The ghost of former President Michelle Bachelet round La Moneda, is the subject of the design of communication strategies, continues to be the main political opponent of the piñerista administration. They are not the only ones in the former new majority, they recently ruled out the possibility that resort to it again as a possible candidate, wing continue to look askance.
The strategy that deployed La Moneda to hold total control over public discussion the last few weeks, has had as one of its horses of battle the crisis in Venezuela and it was in this context of use and abuse of the item, the Government played «take the pizarr chart on»to Bachelet, given his position as High Commissioner for human rights at the UN. So which was the speech of «Chilezuela» during the presidential campaign, in Palace know that the Venezuelan situation continues resulting them in polls and by the same short-term, acknowledged that «no will to let go».
This palatial strategy only has been slightly overshadowed by a few hours yesterday, when finally met the ruling of the judge, Alejandro Madrid, handed down sentences for the assassination of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, a situation which made lowering the decibels of all the ruling party, which remained silent for hours. Unlike the intensive deployment of statements and in social networks on Venezuela, President Sebastián Piñera said of the legal certainty of the murder of a former only representative with a modest twitter and a video.

Point to Bachelet with the situation of Venezuela was an ACE that the currency had kept up his sleeve, since the former head of State was elected by acclamation in his position at the United Nations in August 2018. The issue of human rights, noted from Chile we, given «its political sensitivities» was a flank Yes or Yes was going to complicate and the Government took advantage of the moment. That Yes, in the ruling party there are those who do not share this strategy, because they understand that «not earned anything hitting», there is a sector of the population which is of her figure and through it, the only thing to be accomplished is radicalizing positions and retain even more the support having.
Despite these reservations in some official sectors, the deployment of the right has been total. A day after that Chile recognized Juan Guaidó as»President» of Venezuela, was the Minister spokeswoman, Cecilia Pérez, who said on January 24 that «the High Commissioner should join the voices of democratic leaders in the world have recognized to the» President responsible for Venezuela and advocate with action, not outside looking in, so can there be real democratic elections in Venezuela that allow that the rule of law will prevail and that the people back to be subjects of law».
Rained Pérez criticism from the opposition for these statements, but five days later, after an unprecedented staging in a café next to the former PPD Deputy, Jorge Tarud, the Minister insisted. «The important thing is that all those who embrace democracy and we condemn any kind of dictatorship, not dictatorships to convenience, can raise our voice and power to that in Venezuela promptly the eying Manager can call free elections and» Democratic (…) «, he said.
A few who not boarded the truck in the ruling party. The helmsman of the UDI, Jaqueline van Rysselberghe, said that Bachelet «should be there, she is in charge of the Commission of human rights, a person who always talked about the issue, which has done so with authority, not to go, how to treat a left dictatorship with one different hand». Its pair of RN, Mario Desbordes, added on Radio Cooperativa yesterday that «the sweetheart of the President was with Chavez, I don’t know if he is still with ripe, I don’t know. But she is in an important position (…) «.»
This joined the survey questioned through Tweet made by Mrs RN, Paulina Núñez, which asked do you think that the High Commissioner of the United Nations for the human rights, Ms. Michelle Bachelet should recognize @jguado as President from #Venezuela?. Yesterday I had 11 thousand replies and 59% said yes.
From the own ruling validated this type of strategy, although they acknowledged privately that given the rigid structure of the United Nations know that Bachelet can not comment beyond «no less a political analysis, we know that she has heads».
Sidewalk in the front in the case of opposition, not all defended Bachelet. There were two, a DC and a former DC quela located similarly. The former helmsman of the Phalanx, Ignacio Walker, said that «looking at the ceiling or sit idly cannot avoid opinion, because that is the role of the High Commissioner for human rights». Then it was the turn Gutenberg Martinez, who made clear that the former President can’t wait for that ideal conditions to realize his visit to Venezuela.
It should be recorded that the own organization of the United Nations, was through the office’s human rights spokesman Rupert Colville, who said that «normally a preliminary visit would be to make sure that it is worth making the trip and that she will have access «free to non-governmental organizations, but we’re not close to this point by now», in response to the appeal that made the self-proclaimed guided.
Others, like his former Ministers and today helmsmen of the PS, Álvaro Elizalde, and PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, came to flank it and accused currency political exploitation and that «the Government insists on putting United Nations in the political chimuchina of the pinerismo».
For the director of the school of advertising of the UDP, Cristián Leporati, the Government’s strategy is based on the theory of the enemy within, the need to always have an enemy who to attack in the rhetoric of political discourse, an action – added – it’s fully functional to the needs of the moment. In that sense, the Publisher also recalled that «today there are no opposition political, real, tangible, permanent, daily, the Government requires keep an imaginary enemy and in that sense, just looking for it in the success story which in this case is Bachelet, who, in turn, holds a global political position».
The Ph.d. in political philosophy, Cristóbal Bellolio, explained that communications deployment around Bachelet relates that the Government is confident that the vast majority of Chileans already formed an opinion on what is happening in Venezuela and why, the bet is be against the Government of Nicolas Maduro. «The Government wants to make believe that Michelle Bachelet practically both sympathizes with Maduro, it won’t do anything about,» he said.
Bellolio warned that that strategy appears to be well thought out, but that as any plan can be or not, because «when you invoke the name, they are bringing it back to the debate». That is the risk that runs the currency, according to the analyst, «as much obsession, can raise it».
To the interior of the Socialist Bachelet name has a negative charge, by the stormy end of his Government, which brings about – among others – complex issues such as non-closure of the Punta Peuco Penal, and the fierce distance that the then-President was installed with his own party, which today has its consequences.
Much of socialism has internalized the last message of Bachelet in October of 2017, when he noted that «so no one panic, I will not», which does not prevent that when abused his name as happens today, will not lead to discomfort in the Socialist hosts. In fact, directive released a communiqué institutional rejecting acting administration piñerista with the former President.
For Leporati, the last defense of Bachelet has a rational explanation, and this points to his name «in terms of propaganda, political discourse and imaginary political, if it is priced and pretty good, is still profitable». Bellolio, the attack that is receiving today, has a look of longer term and that would keep relationship with a fixation which would have the right with Michelle Bachelet, «never never have been able to beat him, since he is in competition».

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