translated from Spanish: Duo Manzanares launches new single with the choir of the Sirenaica Foundation of Medellin girls

«Hummingbird» is the name of the new song, and which will be the second disc – premiering this 2019-National Ensemble «Dúo Manzanares». The song was recorded with the participation of the choir of girls of the Sirenaica Foundation of Medellin, Colombia, that works creating singing schools in vulnerable contexts. It’s a preview of what will be his second album which has the same name and that will launch this 2019.La song was written by Marilyn Lizama to his niece, as a gift to one year of age. «Talks about the first impression I had to meet her, with her eyes that blink as a hummingbird.» The emotion that I felt was so great, it is my first niece, I started to write the letter on a bus from Quillota Santiago, back home. Then I finished it in Mexico, to send it as a gift», he said. Even though this is his initial inspiration, today says, it is dedicated to «all boys and girls of the world, for their right to play, to express themselves and to grow up in an environment of rights and respect, where love is the essential, wherever teaching motor». The music is by César Villagran, as well as the glued «pirim param pam pim pam pum pom», which prints you much of the magic song and traps to children and adults. «The pace is an inspiration of joropo from Venezuela, but fused to our style.» It is just part of the work of composition that we are doing after nine years of experience «, he said. Also participated in the recording Nicolás Ortiz, Chilean musician resident in Medellín, part of Illary group, with an arrangement of flute and bass. The launch is accompanied by a music video filmed and edited by Camila Tamayo. He was conducted in the midst of their tour «Oye mi negra» by Latin America, which broadcast its first album. They have already covered nine countries: Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia for a year and a half, and have performed over 160 concerts. These days they go to Ecuador. The song «Hummingbird» is available on Youtube, Spotify and all digital platforms.

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