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Morelia, Michoacan.-testicular cancer care in the framework of the commemoration of the world day against Cancer, February 4, the Secretary of health of Michoacán (SSM), announced seeking free care for the neo testicular radiographed.
The State Center of oncology care (CEAO), of the Secretariat of health of Michoacán (SSM), obtained for 2018, six accreditations for the care and treatment of different types of cancer that put at risk the health and lives of many Michoacan and Michoacan, said the director of the hospital, Victor hole market Gomez.
Derived from the committed work performed by staff of the CEAO and the efforts undertaken by the holder of the SSM, Diana Carpio Ríos, managed to prove six cancer pathologies including: breast, uterine cervical, ovarian, prostate, colon and rectum, allowing that low-income families receive their treatment free of charge.

Under the premise that health is a priority for the Governor of the State, Silvano Aureoles rabbit, this year the SSM works to achieve the accreditation of cancer of testis, in benefit of the male population.
CEAO is a reference Center state that is responsible for addressing common pathologies as it is the cancer of breast, uterine cervical, ovarian, skin tumours of cancer, colon and rectum, stomach, mouth, pharynx, trachea, bronchi and liver, which are the largest morbidity in the entity.
Therefore for relies on teams of first line for cancer care of the patient, as it is the linear accelerator; as well as human personnel trained and certified at the national level to provide care with quality and warmth.
Within the care protocol, the first step is to be patient referred for medical units or health centers within the State to this unit; arriving at the hospital, it is attended by a specialist for open record and issue timely diagnosis and then channeled to the corresponding area where will be served by a multidisciplinary group for its treatment.

Cancers that will cater for free include all surgical procedures, surgical oncology, medical oncology care, radiation therapy, as well as studies and attention of multidisciplinary team which are: plastic surgeons, psychologists social workers, staff of primary care for catastrophic expenses and your medication.
He explained that, although the survival of many of the pathologies is up to 30 years, not so with other more aggressive, as the pancreas and lung cancer, that his survival is from one year to two.
“We need to improve care as we are growing and meeting the needs of the Michoacán, what demand is quality health, he cited.
He urged the population who has a family history of cancer, studies that allow to prevent and detect in time any pathology that might put at risk health and life.

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