translated from Spanish: Herbal hamburgers reach the foodtrucks of Chile

The increase of vegetarians in Chile is a fact. The latest environment national survey showed that close to a million people, they do not consume meat in the country.
This may be a history of the changes that have taken place this last time in the food business.
One of these modifications is the arrival of hamburgers and frankfurters herbal market. The Beyond is the first Burger created under the concept plant-based. It looks, is cooked and has the same flavor than a traditional hamburger meat.
It contains 20 grams of protein, it contains no soy, or gluten, or transgenic, zero cholesterol and half the saturated fat of a traditional veal (270 calories per serving) hamburger.
According to The New York Times, its consumption is among the six measures to adapt to climate change, since the trend points to the disappearance of the meat for their emissions of CO2 and high consumption of water in their production.
In Chile, this food will be available in the chain of food trucks Venice Fries which launched on January 17 your veggie letter and that within it contemplates the Beyond Burguer.
Foodtrucks chain also includes meat plant in formats chicken and sausages, which retain their original flavour. These preparations are available in three locals who has the brand and Malinkrodt I and II and the military school subcenter.

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