translated from Spanish: Sergio Massa: «there is no future for Argentina in the permanent setting»

the Government of Macri failed. He chose evil road and took wrong decisions that led the country to a present stagnation, inflation, and crisis (sic). With these words the candidate President for this year’s election, Sergio Massa, began a letter published in the last few hours. The former Mayor of Tigre argues that «today, the vast majority of Argentines and Argentine disapproves the management and you want to display a new political space that gives the illusion and show you that there is another possible way, another way of doing things». In this sense, means that alternative Federal block «wants to represent the vast majority of Argentines who is opposition, and be alternative in 2019 for the construction of a new Government».
«There is no future for Argentina in the permanent setting» «the Government was exhausted, his mistake in the diagnosis and their bad decisions led the country into an Exchange and inflationary crisis which demolished the welfare of the class average and Argentine worker and also exhausted the expe ctativa of a society that was shown to be patient and respectful»is the leader of the front Renovador.Quien in the last presidential election gain something more than 21% of the votes (more than five million wills) understands that» today, the official discourse not » It includes concepts such as development, employment, regional economies and production credits because they are not in the dictionary of the IMF».

«It comes down to the jargon of financial speculation (Lebac, Leliqs and other strange acronym) and everything is decided from a few blocks from the Buenos Aires city, without taking into account the geographical, cultural, economic and social diversity of our country,» raises Massa.
«Cannot rule that is not understood» «the more have to wait for Argentines to put in place which protects women victims of gender-based violence for 36 months?» questioned Massa, who, with the figure of Victoria Donda, already out of your space) joined the interblock of Sola, Argentina network) seeks to enhance the agenda of gender within their proposals. Who in the past legislative reach something more than 11% of votes close considering that «there is a new majority that wants to turn the tide and regain the future of Argentina (…) This project requires openness, organization, and debate but, above all, the conviction that is missing a great deal for the Argentina».» Here is my heart and my commitment to build this great agreement», concluded Massa.En this note:

Original source in Spanish

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