translated from Spanish: Jucopo raises coordination with Executive to address priority themes

Morelia, Michoacan.-the Board of policy coordination of the State Congress and Governor Silvano Aureoles rabbit agreed to strengthen joint work to take care of a comprehensive priority issues for the development of Michoacán, as the modification of the budget package 2019 and the conflict in the education sector.
The coordinators of the beds of Morena, PT, PRD, PRI, PAN, Green Party, and the citizen movement Deputy, raised to the head of the Executive in Michoacán the need for better communication and coordination with the parliamentary fractions of the LXXIV Legislature, since from the State Congress is might want to consider alternatives to address medium and long-term structural problems facing the entity.

The President of the Board of political coordination (Jucopo), Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, said that before the current situation in Michoacán it is imperative the political forces in the legislature and the Government to achieve agreements to modify the economic package 2019, with two main objectives: cancel new taxes, and to allocate more resources to strategic sectors in which the development of substantive activities is affected by the budget deficit.
In this meeting with Governor Silvano Aureoles, the Jucopo inside was advance agreements to repeal the so-called tax cedulares, and notary; It also agreed to make a thorough analysis of the economic impact of taxes on the warehousing and storage of solid waste, as well as the extraction of stone materials, since you should avoid involvement in sectors such as the housing, and in the investment in public works.
Governor and deputies agreed to seek a solution of Fund to the magisterial conflict, so Ramirez Bedolla stressed that a priority in the reengineering of the budget should be to reduce the deficit in the educational sector, since this affects on the substantive actions from the basic level to upper middle, and top.
Present at the meeting were President of the table directive of the Congress of State Antonio Salas Valencia and parliamentary coordinators: Brenda Fraga Gutierrez (PT), Javier Estrada Cárdenas (bread), Adrian Lopez Solís (PRD), Ernesto Nuñez Aguilar (PVEM) and Yarabi Ávila González on behalf of the PRI, as well as the Deputy of movement citizen Francisco Javier Paredes Andrade.

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