translated from Spanish: NGOs give the Senate initiative of General Road Safety Act

organizations citizens presented Monday to the Senate an initiative of General Law on road safety, which contains 69 articles, and which seeks to move towards a national public policy that minimize the deaths of transit in all States of the country.
The President of the Commission on metropolitan areas and mobility, the Senator Patricia Mercado, «pledged that at this regular session lawmakers will have to approve this proposal before the urgency of protecting citizens from accidents that they can be prevented», said a statement of the upper Chamber. 
Read: Preparing law on road safety which help prevent deaths of cyclists and pedestrians market said that eight forums will take place in several States of the country, in order to meet the needs, problems and proposals «which enable the strengthening of the» General Law of road safety initiative».
Here are some of the points that includes the initiative: the establishment of a hierarchy of users to the priority in the use of the public thoroughfare by level of vulnerability: firstly people with limited mobility and pedestrian, secondly users of transportation non-motorized, users of public transport, public transport drivers, providers of cargo transportation services, and finally the users of private trucking.
The bicycle as a means of priority transport, as an alternative to the excessive use of private transport.
Psychophysical assessment tests, theoretical and practical to obtain leave of driving across the country.
Operating of alcoholimetria across the country.
All motor vehicles travelling in the national territory must be covered by insurance.
«Multisectoral partnerships» and designation of lead agencies to develop strategies, plans and national targets for road safety.
Creation of the national system of road safety, the coordinated implementation of principles, actions, plans, criteria, instruments, policies, services and standards with the aim of guaranteeing the safe people scroll on public roads.
Constitution of the national road safety Fund and other instruments to finance mobility policies.
Improvement and increase of the road infrastructure.
Road safety audits to assess the stages of planning, construction and operation of public roads.
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