translated from Spanish: AMLO accused NGOs of hindering the National Guard insulated the

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized that experts, activists and NGOs, will challenge and put obstacles to your project, that says, seeks to restore the security of the country: the National Guard.
«They stayed in the model old which did not give results. The Federal Police is, look at the result, knows that the President of the National Commission on human rights, 230 thousand murders in 10 years. More than one million victims of the violence, is painfully what happens, 40 thousand missing «, he said in his morning Conference.
«Experts and civil society organizations do not know what are thinking, because enough of the simulation be doing analysis of reality, without transforming it. «Experts pure, pure Diagnostics, but it does nothing to change things», said.
Lopez Obrador challenged that civil society spends doing analysis, studies and consultancies.
«They are always experts who decide or members of the so-called civil society, and the satin people is not taken into account. That elitism, is over how many experts believe by all».
Lee: So is the opinion of National Guard members endorsed the President said that 230 thousand Army elements may not be used because the Constitution is not renovated.
He said that while the city of Mexico has 80 thousand police officers, at the federal level only it has 20 thousand federal police officers, who are not sufficient to tackle the problem of insecurity in the country.
Lee: Debugging failed: States have between 30 and 50% of its national guard reproached police proposed Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with discipline and military training, violates international standards of human rights, distorts precepts constitutional established from century and a half ago and emulates a model of dictatorial or undemocratic regimes.
So warned experts in constitutional and international law, and the representative of the High Commissioner for the human rights of the Organization of United Nations (UN), during the public hearings convened by the Senate to examine the minutes of National Guard passed by the Chamber of Deputies, and promoted by the Government of Lopez Obrador.
Specialists believe that the model proposed in this opinion has fallen into disuse for more than two decades, and quehoy in single day resembles the militarized guard of Venezuela.
Read: National Guard of AMLO is obsolete and dictatorships, criticized by experts and UN while victims of grave human rights violations allegedly perpetrated by elements of the Mexican army and Navy asked the Senate to reject the approval of the National Guard with military training, because they considered that it opens the door to abuses that, until now, have gone unpunished.
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