translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona criticized the speech of Mauricio Macri and pointed to guided

true to his style, and critic from the day it took Mauricio Macri, Diego Armando Maradona also joined the negative against the President on his word in the Congre «so from your social networks and also told her about the criticism against Nicolas Maduro that he launched in his speech.» I not be qualify the speech of our President, today. Argentines do not manage to make ends meet and he gets to talk about Venezuela? Criticizing Nicolas Maduro and puts the puppet of guided, which asked the ‘Yankees’ that they bomb their own country «in the name of democracy» example? «, published in Diego.»
«In addition to his words, the video that chose the Argentine Idol was the section that became viral, in which the President is confused to discuss combating drug trafficking, and speaking»support from drug trafficking»instead of saying»support the army ‘s».» This video is everywhere, but I also want to share it in my Instagram. Why not tirás a center to Argentines, Mauritius, instead of always pull out? «, closed the criticism of Mexico’s Dorados coach faithful follower of Cristina Fernández Kirchner and Nicolás Maduro.En this note:»

Original source in Spanish

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