translated from Spanish: Why say that Selena Gomez and Zac Efron would be leaving

a few days ago is rumored that Selena Gomez and Zac Efron could be coming. It all started with a do insignificant? now on Instagram: on February 7, the actor began to follow her on the social network and their fans mad.

While the follow was not paid (among the 52 accounts that she still is not that of Zac), it seems that fans dream became a reality: the former Disney stars would be more than friends. So the American media confirms this exclusive RadarOnline at the time citing sources close to the couple as possible: «There is definitely an attraction between them», says one of them.

«However, due to which both were in rehabilitation several times (she by psychological problems and drug and alcohol abuse), his friends fear that this marriage goes wrong.» Many people believe that their chemistry is a recipe for disaster. Both tend to derail when they do not follow a completely focused life, hyper regulated and a team of assistants that keeps them on track,»says another of the sources to the mentioned site. In spite of that, it seems that Selena and Zac «are enjoying the fact have been reconnected». coincidence?
On the other hand, a fan discovered that there is a coincidence between a red rose that the actor shared his instagram February 14 and another singer filmed briefly in a video published on the recordings in the Studio.

Original source in Spanish

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