translated from Spanish: Eruviel Avila presents initiative anti-abortion

Senator Eruviel Avila presented an initiative that aims to reform the Constitution and guarantee the right to life, as well as prohibit women who practised abortion to go to jail.
According to the initiative, two articles of the Constitution would be amended: 1 to ensure the right to life from conception, as this is a right that precedes all others. He argued that according to scientific evidence and international treaties as a «Pact of San José of Costa Rica», life begins from the moment of conception.
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Even quoted biologist and Nobel Laureate Alfred Kastler, noting that: «from that moment begins a new life; «the fetus is being alive, a human being, a being full with a unique genetic code».
Agree Avila Villegas, the initiative must be accompanied by a proposal for a regulatory act that will include giving women who want to have an abortion so that not to do so, among them, bringing closer them to social organizations that accompany them medically and give them options the option to give the baby up for adoption.
In terms of article 22, reform would ban prison for women who abort and give them medical and psychological support.
Avila said that currently 21 States recognize the right to life from conception.
On Wednesday, the Congress of Nuevo León amended article 1 of the Constitution «to recognize the right to life from conception».
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Mexican Senator emphasized that the initiative does not have partisan colors, which he presents it as a citizen.
«I am presenting it, as Senator, but also as a citizen seeking to help that I live in a Mexico in which respect for life and protect women», he said.
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