translated from Spanish: It seeks to combat violence against women

crimes against women are on the rise, said the head of the Executive Secretariat of the State system of public security (Sesesp), Renato Ocampo Alcántara, but he also mentioned that with the support of Sipinna (e) Ismujeres seeks to provide an integrated care that will allow to avoid going to other offices or agencies during the process. If you believe that lack a safety or other programs for the support and safety of women, or wish to make a complaint and has not known where, call the fon (667) 717 82 43. > put the finger
the direction of urban development and environment Oh environment OME go on the race pa’ which reports to the quemasocas and thus put an estatequieto, because of a shot which are a lot of pollutants that are released to arson the remains of harvested crops, because they damage the health and stop a plague to unbearable smoke. There if you want to and you can be part of the volunteer Brigade pa’ cast head to the cause of so much smoke in the region, by fa throw the fonazo to chaca of dependence, Solangel Fierro Sedano, the (668) 816 40 27. > fail you
view Guasave race e STA looking for a good eye, good variety of lens designs that drive and that can do the work quickly, to give goggles to Municipal transit director, it seems that he has vision problems and does not realize that several agents walk of “mordelones”, and it still does not do anything about it. The applicant should contact the (687) 872 18 18, Manuel Blanco Moreno, transit chaca, so a few nice lenses. suit you > pure ruidajo
apply to the services of a mechanic who specializes in motorcycles pa’ to be chambear to the Audit Office d e Lara cat, in Angostura, where the race said that sometimes they may be sensitive to motorcyclists circulating at full speed through the streets and making a ruidajo, so you require the installation of silencers on the outlets. If you are interested in the work, mark it to the director of public security, Antonio Martínez, (697) 734 00 33. > they are targeted, motonetos
Gets the week of the bike and the Municipal public security of Mazatlan, Ricardo Olivo secre, warned that it will be sanctions for riders who do not respect the rules of traffic. We are not painted on the wall, he said, pointing out that they will be well tuned pa’ not commit abuses. It should be recalled that these words were spoken by former police chief and went unheeded, because the motolocos were doing stunts, climbed to the ridges and handled without safety precautions. Therefore, we remind you to race that can notify the police chief if you come to the motonetos committing excesses to the phone (669) 984 10 87, pa’ that send traffic officers.

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