translated from Spanish: It would cost more fine that licensed drivers in Jalisco

Jalisco-the license in the State may come out cheaper than a fine for driving a vehicle without porting the existing document. The Commission for mobility of the local Congress approved legislative reforms that, if the House endorses them, would be established that, by not carry license management, or if it is expired, the driver will face economic sanction that would 2 thousand 532 3 thousand 798 pesos , from 30 to 45 units of measure and update (UMA). Currently, a new driver license costs 633 pesos, while fines for driving without that document ranged from one to five UMA of 84.4 to 422 pesos.

It would cost more fine than in Jalisco photo drivers license: Pixabay «It will be cheaper to arrange a license that a fine, and previously it was cheaper to pay a fine that the license, why people not got the license,» said the Deputy emecista Jonadab Martíne z, President of the Commission of mobility.» If an unlicensed driver is fined, it will have 10 days to deal with it and, if so, the offence; will be condoned it in case that this period expires, you will receive 20 days more so that further processing the document, and then reduction of the sanction will be 50 per cent,»he added. The legislator ruled that the initiative approved in the Committee, which would reform the law of mobility, has fundraising purposes, but it seeks is that people have driver’s license.» Today the law says that a person must have a driver’s license, but does not require it to carry it or display it; Now you going to say that (should) carry and display the license in force,»noted Martinez.refirio that with amendments to the legislation would be that a person who is caught two or more times by driving without a license, will be retained with the vehicle. Also determined that the expiry of the license will be the date of birth of each person that process, because it seeks that they do not forget when you must renew the document. Information Martín Aquino in this note:

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