translated from Spanish: Or multifunctional printer… How to choose the right choice

Although at first glance it seems a multifunction device and a printer are the same, in fact there are many differences between the two.
The printer has characteristics that make it unique. For example, it can print text or graphics both in black and in color, most can connect to wifi, is fast and high and low-volume and tends to be laser or injection.
For its part, the multifunctional allows you to scan, print, send faxes and photocopy on white and black and color, connects to wifi and also to document management applications, has high capacity storage of paper, has many speeds of print and always uses laser technology.
Now, since we were able to identify the differences we are able to analyse the two proposals and put in perspective, to decide what us more for our company, office or business.
The first thing you could do is to consider that both the printer and the multifunctional are treated not only gear printing what you need at the moment, but are also a potential ally for your employees and can help you achieve greater productivity and profitability for your company.
However, to choose the correct option you require to know other parameters that will help you assess what equipment invest. Experts of the company Kyocera, a world leader in management and printing of documents, share us with the main five factors that must be analyzed.

the rotation of your company or business. the offices are not equal on all sides, so one of the reasons why choose your team will depend on the Guild in which you work. For example, a law office needs are very different from the of a health institution; If you manage to understand what you need to your area or team will be much easier to choose what equipment to buy. You can help by asking you a few simple questions: do my industry need prints in black and white or color? What requirements must meet my printed documents? What type of scan need my office to be more efficient or improve processes? Do I need my computer to connect to mobile applications?
the sizes and flows. Although your print volume does not depend on the size of your team or workspace, yes should take into account how many printing equipment are required to cover each area. This is the time where you need to start studying your processes and workflows to diagnose what requires your office. I.e., you should calculate the size of your team and analyze what makes each area to have an approximate number of impressions or hours where most commonly used equipment.
number of impressions. it is clear that the volume of impressions depends not on the number of collaborators, but your industry and needs of your customers. This factor depends also on your more numerical analysis on the flow of impressions that have the office. It is necessary that you and your collaborators carried out a diagnostic to measure what skills need a printing equipment. With those numbers, they will take a more rational and suitable for office-wide decision.
thinks in a technological future. your printing equipment will depend on which digital applications need or plan to use. To make a purchase, you need to be sure that it will be functional and the team will serve your goals in the medium and long term. If you need a printing equipment that connects to the cloud because here you manage your documents, do not consider a team that does not have the ability to do so. It is vital that you evaluate your company’s future to invest in printing equipment, especially with a world that is constantly changing.
your staff. between larger is your company, more diversity you can have in your team. Therefore, an important factor to take into account is that the investment you make in printing equipment adapts to the needs of each partner. This is to be an inclusive tool and that it can be used by people with disabilities without any problem.

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