translated from Spanish: The woman meets the 36 hours of arrest police that’s manifested in Ahome

a few minutes ago Dignora Valdez, municipal preventive police of Ahome women, fulfilled its 36 hours of arrest allegedly for have missed at your service in the port of Topolobam role The young mother said that it will continue to fight to have women police officers working conditions equal to men. Relatives began arriving at 00: 00 hours and others later.

Photo: The Debate at 12:36 hours, Dignora Valdez left through the main door and a radio Matra told his superior that it already was withdrawing to rest since it fulfilled its administrative sanction. With tears in his eyes the third police hugged his daughter and friends. This will continue and with this I demonstrate that I do with the consequences of my actions.’ I want to thank my colleagues who treated me very well at all times, thank you ‘, said Dignora Valdez, the woman who caused controversy by taking a microphone at an event that is He made March 8 in the international women’s day at the Memorial to women in the colony Center and who called for equality for women in all aspects.

Photo: The Debate also said it has gotten roles in order to achieve a rise and so far has had no luck. The Lady finally said that he will seek a rapprochement with the director of public safety, Juan Fierro to talk about his situation.

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