translated from Spanish: Argentina and Colombia are the Copa America 2020 to Conmebol

the first question regarding the new America’s Cup that everyone seeks to have a response is about the distances between both countries. Separated by more than 5,000 kilometers, was a tournament that does not affect any of the 12 teams that will participate and this is why that there would be three groups of four teams, but two hex. Format plant that one of them is played fully in Colombia and another in Argentina and would not draw, but that the groups will be defined by the geographic location. That means that in coffee growing lands they would play Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and one of the invited teams, while in southern lands will be present in Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and the other invited team.

The Copa America 2020 would have two hex. One in Argentina and one in Colombia. Photo: Twitter @conmebol defined groups, will be played between all parties and then there will be a phase of quarterfinals. To achieve this, four of the six teams to be classified and then there will be direct elimination keys until the end. All those matches, including the final, they would play in the proposed Argentina.the will be presented on Tuesday, April 9 in Rio de Janeiro, where a new Conembol Congress, which will be the President of AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia will be held. On the same day also shall be put to the vote and could be approved definitively.

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