translated from Spanish: Salta pie day: history, impact and a special contest

in the Argentina, the dispute over the best pie never ends: several provinces have own recipe, and each one of them, thousands of fans. With or without potato, fried or baked, quemadita or not, with spicy or without. Do you already know which is your favourite? Many have so decided and his chosen is the salteña emapanda. Either because it is their homeland, they learned to eat and prepare in your children, or because it is that fell in love with them on a trip to the North of the country. Chiquita, tight, juicy, with Pope, in clay or frit kiln and accompanied with llajwa (which locals pronounced “yagua”: the spicy sauce of red color which is made with tomato and locoto), if it is well made are invited to eat half a dozen in one sitting (also). Say its creators, if the pie is of corn, it is not Salta. At most, one cheese can go; but the absolute Queen of meat. So rich, traditional and emblematic is Salta pie, which has its own event: held each April 4 his day, especially in his province of origin. There, in 2003 the chef Roberto Argentino “Topeto” Díaz was the drive to add the date to the official calendar, which ended to be established in the Ordinance of the deliberative Council of the city of Salta 7.117. The reason? A memorable historic event: April 4, 1820, Governor Martín Miguel de Güemes allocated the sum of 29 pesos and 6 reais to purchase pies that greet the Argentine troops who entered the city, from Tucumán. Networks several Salta echoed the date and took the opportunity to claim one of their favorite dishes. Gonzalo Alderete Pagés and its Buenos Aires restaurant Santa Evita not could stay outside: Cook is one of the declared lovers of Salta pie and one of its best ambassadors in Buenos Aires. On many occasions he shared data, procedures and references on this national culinary icon. 


-If the pie is larger, his heart would never become.
– black blisters are typical of this baking and complete flavor. (This point can only discuss it / understand after eating a well-made Salta pie) – Gonza Alderete Pagés (@zooedipo) December 23, 2018 other users were added to the fervor and shared his passion on Twitter ER.





Let me know – because they know of my recent fanaticism – that today is the day of Salta pie. I am pleased to know that the other day I brought my two cents into Salta GDP eating 150. -Agustín Gulman (@Agulman) 4 April 2019 pie King who can say that it prepares Salta province-wide best pie? The answer goes to find tomorrow, Friday, April 5, at Salta capital: 18 to 23 hours, in the Alvarado square, more than 20 chefs will participate in the pie contest organized by the municipality. Locals and tourists who come to the event will be able to try different versions of the same recipe, with a value fixed by the dozen and the Los Changos of Salta, David Pla, live music Sarita Flores, Vira Vira and jumps 3. Does a low cost last minute flight?

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