translated from Spanish: Luciana Peker: «make a collective form of enjoyment is an honor»

years ago that dozens of women in the country were organized to put an end to violence against women and the oppression that is being constantly tested, from impositions soci ales and a patriarchal system that oppresses with intensity. Luciana Peker is one of them. Through their texts, the journalist dismantled a perverse sexist plot and is positioned as one of the great reference of Argentina, accompanying their partners in their complaints and accusations. Recall that recently we saw it embraced Anita Coacci and Calu Rivero.

Peker is the author of «Slut Golosa», a best seller that drives, precisely, the idea of a feminism of enjoyment, which claims that the women are capable and deserve to enjoy. Not coincidentally, the journalist was part of the new video for «Burns», the subject of Miss Bolivia and Jimena Barón, where seen eating an ice cream, a direct reference to the ideology and culture that promotes in his book.

From your social networks, Peker mentioned his appearance in artistic production and paid tribute to the singer. «Greedy slut by a feminism of enjoyment vindicates the enjoyment, the sweet, dancing, ice cream. Thousand times I danced with Miss Bolivia, sang, read, La cité and make a collective form of enjoyment is an honor for fun and Sisterhood. Thank you for your generosity», dedicated to him. Let us remember that the journalist accompanied Miss Bolivia, pseudonym of peace Ferreyra, also when she released her first book «Not fitted».

Luciana Peker words after his appearance in «Burning» | Photo: Instagram @luciana.peker «Burns» was launched on Friday April 5 and already boasts more than 80,000 views on YouTube.

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