translated from Spanish: Belenaza: «If you laugh of the mighty you are well, it is the civic duty of comedy»

until they met in January in the Festival of the Huaso de Olmué, Belen Mora and Chiqui Aguayo were unknown. They were located Yes, but friends were not. Then they agreed on the Patagual, where he triumphed, and decided that it fell so well that they had to do something together. «The result is»Perfect», a show that premiere together on May 4 in the NESCAFÉ Arts Theatre and has them doing something that unites them: laugh at themselves.» In the poster (main photo) la Chiqui leaves with shoes of 85 cm and I with a sash that is cutting off my circulation. Laughed ourselves, we play much with the autobullying,»said Mora to hoyxhoy. Who takes nearly eight years in «Morande with company», showed a stand-up comedy routine in Olmué. His side that the public did not know, but it takes years practicing in bars and events. «It’s what I most like to do today, because in the stand up I have an editorial line. I can say what I want, I can do what I want, I can talk about whatever he wants, » said the actress which began in television after participating in the program of Mega «Roman Colosseum», where he became known as the «Belenaza». Today we talk about Sisterhood, have you ever felt that between standuperas? Yes, it feels always. And not just among women, among women and among men also. With the people that I work in the world of comedy one rests, because if you see someone as a competition you are talking about a weakness of yours, I think that the stand-up is so cool and has emerged as strong because there are different styles. Humor in the Mega December tvEn announced that «Morande with company» would lose a day and would go only on Fridays. A decision that called into question the continuity of one of the longest TV spots. However, the program led by Kike Morandé has continued leading in your schedule. do you think that the program is only a day? They are decisions taken at executive level. And if before we were working as Chinese to make a program Friday and Saturday, we now do it to make a program on Friday. There is less downside, because creating content for a program is very difficult. By the same on television are very few humor programs that last as long, because it is hard to adapt, because they are changing very fast times in terms of the themes, which can be or not tell. Great creativity is needed to say what you mean without passing to anyone. «Morandé» for years has been the target of criticism for machismo or the lightness. Do you feel that these criticisms are unfair? Not at all, if we must not cover the Sun with a finger. For many years in «Morande with company» was the woman as an accompaniment, as well as also was in all programs and stellar. But eight years ago that the Fort of «Morande with company» is «behind the wall», which is a section of actors, which are all on the same level, there are no accompaniments. Yet every week should sit down and think about how to deal with a subject and, even when you have all the care, always going to be someone who’s going to bother and is absolutely valid. I believe that if you do comedy and laugh of the mighty you are, because it is like the civic duty of comedy, be in charge of what is going on and give it a twist. As always will be someone who’s going to bother, but not we be making us responsible for that. If the base of that is not to violate rights, so simple. Today it is the only program of humor in television open is a sign of the times? I think TV is going down in general, «Morande with company» is the program that has withstood all the changes that have brought selective, like Netflix or Amazon consumer platforms. People is Yes consuming much comedy. People want to see reality, so, for example, one of the sections have «behind the wall», is the section of Paola and Miguelito, which shows the life of a single MOM with a millennial boy cabro that is super recognizable on homes of any social stratum. In the cast we have a Haitian actor, a Venezuelan actress, a Colombian actor, because that is the reality of Chile. One program is updated but all that is changing everything as fast as you say, a drawback is heavy. In Viña humor was the most important thing, but that is not reflected in TV… I think it’s scary, for example, have to a cheering, talking comedian. In the U.S. all shows late them comedians make them… «But there are the first amendment that protects freedom of expression, here if a comedian goes to a morning and says something that someone doesn’t seem to him, the next day is the allegation in the East Prosecutor’s Office.» «Here if a comedian goes to a morning and says something that does not seem to someone the other day is the allegation in the East Prosecutor’s Office.»

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