translated from Spanish: DC defies the opposition after support tax reform: «If you want to drop the table, will be the cost of acting according to our convictions»

Relations between the Christian Democrats and the rest of the parties of the opposition after the decision of the Phalanx were again in a State of maximum tension of stand out from the rest of its partners and vote in favour of the idea of legislating the tax reform proposed by the Government.
The opposition called harshly to the Phalanx, however the President of the DC, Fuad Chahín, defended the decision of his party and asked for «respect» for their parliamentarians. «You can pretend to the owner of the truth, the owner of the reason», he told the onslaught of their partners. Chahin said the DC already traversed a similar conflict prior to the installation of the camera table, when part of the opposition was made them a series of requirements to give effect to the administrative agreement.
However, it gave to understand that they will not give his arm to twist. «This walk threatening charges (…)  said before, for the vote on the table of the House, when they asked us that we sign documents and stopped checking in warranty. We told them if they want to not vote (for us). We prefer to lose the Presidency of the camera that put us on their knees», he said in interview in 24 hours.
«And today I want to say with love we continue to work on the things that unite us, let us accept our differences, but if you want to censor (table) House of representatives, if they want to drop the table, it will be the cost of thinking by the country and act according to» our convictions», said.
Chahin thus referred to the version of a possible censure at table presided over by Iván Flores, the DC that the lower house currently heads. The helmsman of the Corporation is located in Qatar travel until this Saturday and after it had contemplated joining the tour of Sebastián Piñera by China and South Korea. However, it canceled its participation in a light flick of this conflict that the camera took.
Relationship with the President of the DC PS asked respect «diversity» to the inside of the opposing forces, and said that he acted with loyalty. Thus, told that «had the delicacy» called yesterday the Presidents of the PS, PPD, PR and PC, warning them that everything indicated that they would vote in favour of the idea of legislating.
In particular, Chahin referred to criticisms of the Socialist Party, pointing out that the PS «forgets» that Maya Fernández was President of the Chamber with the votes of the DC and several chairmanships of committees are in the hands of the PS thanks to the Falangist support.
What’s more, said that last week spoke with the head of bed, Deputy Manuel Monsalve, one of his toughest critics, and told him that «he understood perfectly» if they voted in favour of the idea of legislating. Why, he said, struck him hard tone used this day by the PS parliamentary.
Facing the process which comes, he said that the attitude of the DC will be vigilant and at the time of the discussion in particular initiative will require the Government to meet its commitments, stressing that «we won’t approve any rule which means open a space for the evasi on and circumvention.»

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