translated from Spanish: Ephemeris Wednesday 10 in April 2019

in an April 10 as today, but in 1919, 93 years ago, dies in an ambush of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, in the State of Morelos.

Other efemerides:1495-Provisión of the Católicos Reyes which stated the conditions for authorizing the trip to America: inhabit, trade and make discoveries alli.1545.-Indian pastor Diego Hualipa see deposits of silver in Potosi (present Bolivia).1583-born Hugo Grotius, jurist and philosopher holandes.1808-Napoleón Bonaparte offers the Crown of Spain to his brother jose.1814-last battle of the war of Spanish independence in French Earth: Marshal Soult was defeated by Wellington at Toulouse.1826.-Nicaragua punishes its Constitution and appoints first head of State Manuel of the Cerda.1834.-the Government Martínez de la Rosa Spanish enacts the actual statute, an attempt at constitutional arrangement not radical.1838-born Nicolás Salmerón, President the first Republic espanola.1861-Gabriel García Moreno is elected President of Ecuador and enacts a new constitucion.1864-Maximilian of Habsburg, Archduke of Austria, jura the position of Emperor of Mexico, after being approved the monarchical regime in the country americano.1865-«Noche de San Daniel». The police suppressed a tumultuous student demonstration in Madrid against the Government of general Narváez, by the dismissal of Castelar. Eleven people are dead and more than one hundred heridas.1869-Cuban insurgents approve the interim Constitution in Guáimaro, after joining the insurrection the bourgeoisie liberal.1883.-Foundation of the Academia Venezolana of the Lengua.1887-born Bernardo A. Houssay, Argentine biologist, Nobel Prize for medicine 1947.1896-EE and physiologist. UU. directs a note to the Spanish Government in which offers its mediation in the war of Cuba. The offer is rechazada.1899-first trial in Spain, particularly Seville Telegraph without hilos.1920-Polish general Pilsudski enters Ukraine seizes of Kiev, and with what starts the war rusopolaca.1922-opens in Rapallo (Italy) a economic world conference attended by representatives of 28 paises.1936-former President of Mexico, Plutarco Calles is deported from the country activities antigubernamentales.1938-approved by a large majority the unification of Austria and Germany («) Anschluss»).1941-World War II: the Germans besieging Tobruk, defended by troops angloaustralianas. US forces landed at Groenlandia.1946-first elections in Japan by universal suffrage and women’s participation. Win the match Liberal.1948.-Colombian President Mariano Ospina Pérez, form a new Government of national union and calls on Liberals to contribute to the restoration of the orden.1954-death of Auguste Lumière, French, pioneer of the cine.1955.-dies Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, philosopher frances.1984.-more than one million people are manifested in Rio de Janeiro in favor of the restitution of presidential election-the film «The power of love», by James Brooks, manages five Oscar.1992.-the party of the Iranian President Ali Akbar Hachemi Rafsanjani obtained 136 of the 270 seats that make up the Parlamento.1994.-the ruling Justicialist Party of Argentina wins the elections to choose the 305 members of the National Constituent Assembly in charge of reforming the Constitution of 1853.1998.-the northern parties reach a peace agreement for Ulster which puts an end to 30 years of violencia.2000.-begins in Havana the South Summit, first organized the Group of G-77 since it was founded in 1964.2003- Cuban courts issued rulings that together, amounted to 1.454 years to 75 dissidents courts by violating the independence of the State and conspiring with U.S.-British Airways and Air France announce the withdrawal of Concorde.2006.-the Council of EU Ministers agree to freeze all direct aid to the Palestinian Government of hamas.2008-Nepal holds elections to the constituent Assembly, ending with the monarquia.2010.-the President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, and 96 others die in an accident air in the Russian airport of Smolensk in this note:

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