translated from Spanish: Cazzu sensitized on harassment women counting an own experience

Julieta Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, is on tour in Europe but is not taking off in his native country: trap singer echoed the news of that the Senate passed the law against street harassment and decided to raise awareness in this regard telling an exper cience itself.» Since very little I experienced Street harassment and I always knew that it was wrong. We grew up knowing that we could not walk alone and we are filled with fear and discomfort,»he wrote in one of his stories of Instagram.

«‘ Mad, exaggerated, etc’, by the fighting.» This is how we are building new generations free from fears for women. The next step of the harassment is the violation,»he added. In the following story, the artist went to tell the episode he suffered: «I was 13 years old the first time I touched without permission at a college party. Wore a skirt, I’m never going to forget that. I screamed and hit to who I crossed but the children only laughed. Who touched me was my age, was a child and was raised so that their next step is a violation».

«Be macho, manly? Let us teach our small men that a real man has power over a woman», he concluded.

Original source in Spanish

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