translated from Spanish: The reign of Nadal was completed: Fognini gave the surprise in Monte Carlo

Unthinkable what you look at. Rafael Nadal had shown some weaknesses in its match against Guido Pella in the quarterfinals but was the responsibility of the Argentinian who pressed it. Today, showed a hidden face so far on his favourite terrain and in one of the tournaments where it is usual to see him with the Cup aloft. Of course, no detracting from Fabio Fognini, who at 32 years the chance of living for the first time in his career in a Masters 1000 final was played and so went out to play a game where up to the 4-4 in the first set was even , but the Italian shooting hurt, and much, to the defense of the Spanish.
With patience and good tennis, got the part after a break and so cut a streak of 25 consecutive sets won by Nadal in the tournament. Then the second came the unexpected. Without answers, the Mallorcan suffered and could do nothing to the level of Fognini which was firm to attack at crucial moments and shut down the partial 6-2 and, probably, the victory of your vida.Como mentioned, this result will not only mark the debut in the Masters final for the Italian, but they also cut a streak of the Spanish who had been consecrated in the last three editions in a row. Their last defeat was in semifinals of 2015 to Djokovic.Por Crown, Monte Carlo will receive Dusan Lajovic hand and Fabio Fognini on the other, in two players who will seek to get into the history of one of the most traditional events of tennis.

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