translated from Spanish: Screaming Spoileo the end of «Avengers Endgame» and gave him a beating

The sensitivity is latent in the environment. And it is not for less. «Avengers Endgame» arrived in theaters, setting records in the sale of tickets, which were sold out worldwide, even days before the release date. Fans waited for more than ten years to the end of a whole era of superheroes, which began with the first «Iron Man» (2008) movie and that continued to grow with stories (individual and set) of the other characters.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo sent a letter to his followers, where asked to not disclose the content of the film once seen. «When you see ‘Endgame’ in the coming weeks, not do a spoiler to others, as well as not would like to do a spoiler to you» asked. It was difficult to protect themselves from spoilers days of release but now it is worse. Crucial details on social networks abound, and many have fun counting what happens in the last film of the Avengers.

Beware of the spoilers for «Avengers Endgame»

The situation was experienced at the end in Causeway Bay, a cinema of Hong Kong, where a young man was brutally beaten after the screening of the film. After seeing the tape, he left the room and began to tell people who were to enter details of the scenes to the screams. The situation aroused the anger of some present who beat the young man. Thus it became known by the portal Daily Mail and images were disseminated by social networks. In this note:

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