translated from Spanish: Stop: there are 12 detained for trying to block the exit of collective

The Secretary for security and justice Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alesandro, confirmed that at least a dozen people were arrested this morning, two of which were delayed while «trying to break the ditch of a collective».
«Already stopped seven people who were in two vehicles, with cans of gasoline, trying to block the exit of Mikes», and two other people «for trying to break the ditch of a collective».

In addition, the official reported was prevented from cutting the Puente Alsina, who tried to carry out groups that promote the strike convened by the Trade Union front and the two ACC.

The @Policia_ciudad arrested 12 people, in three different events, which tried to prevent that people would now work with weapons and acts of intimidation. We are going to continue to act for these acts of violence are eradicated and that the violent ones are prisoners. – Marcelo D’Alessandro (@MarceDaless)
April 30, 2019

2 employees of line 168 detainees 
A collective line 152 was attacked this morning with a forceful element and because the two employees of the line were arrested 168, which adhered to the strike. The fact occurred in Almirante Brown and Brandsen, in the neighborhood of La Boca, when the unit arrived at the end of its travel and an item thrown from outside struck against the windshield. The driver of the bus suffered injury product of splinters of glass eyes. After the attack, Police intercepted the March of a Volkswagen Gol in the Brin Street and Suárez, of La Boca, front terminal line 168, and arrested two occupants who belong to that company. Five other people were arrested in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores, at the intersection of chestnut and Carabobo. The suspects were intercepted aboard a Chevrolet Prism white, which carried two cans of gasoline and vests of the line of collective 135.En this note:

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