translated from Spanish: Leave body wrapped in sheet south of Culiacan

Culiacan, Sinaloa.-Wrapped in a sheet and beaten, the body of a man was discovered abandoned by the shore of the dirt road that communicates to the colony El Ranchito, during the noon of yesterday. As it was found, it was thus withdrawn from the place waiting for it to be identified by relatives. In detail
The high impact facts came back to the south of the city when people who were passing through the place were surprised to see a white lump that simulated being that of a person. They avoided approaching and marked the 911 to be policemen to confirm a further demise in the city. Preventive agents assigned to that area approached, and time later secured the place to see it was a homicide.

Elements of the Public Prosecutor’s office, they climbed the corpse in a basket. Photo: Hernán Alfaro/El Debate

The corpse had a taped face and covered with a white sheet. Moments later, staff of the attorney General’s office arrived and asked for information to police elements of what had happened, which explained in detail the moment they arrived and what they observed. As much as it was revised, they did not find any evidence to serve as evidence in the investigations. It came to think that the deceased had a few hours under the sun’s rays and that he was deprived of life elsewhere. Expertise
«Bring your face all battered» is what was heard from a security element.
Experts entered the cordoned area and worked for a short time as there were no elements to fix and process. Also, the prosecutor’s staff carried out some measures as part of the expert work.
Time later, the body was uploaded to a panel pickup from the Directorate of expert services to have the corresponding studies done as the law makes. 

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