translated from Spanish: The poster of Chucky that outraged fans of Toy Story

If there is something that revolutionizes fans all over the world is to get with the memories of an idealized childhood to which they can appeal whenever they need it. The marketing campaign of “Child’s Play” took advantage of this weakness to make their own, with a poster that seems to have traumatized more than one. Both the fourth installment of Toy Story and the new film in the Chucky franchise are released at the same time on the North American billboards at the end of June. An impeccable timing for the reboot of the killer doll, who may need a little push at the box office.

Toy Story 4 characters prepare to face new unexpected dangers

Both share the premise of dolls that come to life, but there are similarities. Although clearly they will have very different audiences, “Child’s Play” took advantage of the massive advertising campaign that Disney and Pixar have been doing for months, to play a little with the references in their new poster.

In the last poster that the official user uploaded @chilsplaymovie to Instagram, you can see the same layout of colors used in the characters posters of Toy Story 4. The leg of Chucky appears coming out of frame, while behind him is seen the macabre image of a arm of severed doll with an unmistakable cowboy hat, after a trace of blood and wadding.

Woody’s individual poster appeals to minimalism, while Chucky’s plays with our fears

Although the grid pattern of the arm is another, the fans soon recognized the direct reference to his beloved Woody, the popular sheriff of the animated saga Toy Story. To confirm that everything was part of a sinister campaign, the account accompanied the image with the phrase “there is a new sheriff in the city.”
The reactions were not made to wait in social networks, with memes and indignation exploding in equal parts, while our beloved and never well-weighted Mark Hamill (who gives his voice to Chucky in this last installment) shared the poster on Twitter with a game of English words.
The new version of “Chucky: the Diabolical Doll” arrives at Argentine cinemas just on July 18, almost a month after its debut in the United States. While Toy Story 4 will have world launch and reaches our screens on June 20. In this note:

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