translated from Spanish: Venezuela: Opposition assembly President arrested

Deputy Edgar Zambrano was detained by agents of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), an agency responsible for pursuing opponents. Zambrano, the first Vice-President of the National Assembly, a majority opposition legislative body, denounced the situation through his Twitter account. 
According to the information that made transcend the own Zambrano, not to get off his car, the agents of SEBIN-hooded and heavily armed-decided to acarraerlo with a crane. «We were surprised by the SEBIN, when we refused to leave our vehicle, they used a crane to forcibly move us directly to the Helicoide. We Democrats are standing up for fighting, «Zambrano wrote. 
The arrest of the leader of Lara came after the National Constituent Assembly-Chavez organ created through a few transparent elections-removed the parliamentary jurisdictions of the opposition deputies. Months ago A similar situation occurred with Juan Guaidó himself, who was approached by agents of the SEBIN. In that case and in the face of international pressure, he was quickly released and those who retained him were thrown away.

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