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Mr. Director:
It seems to us that the municipality of Providencia must explain to its neighbors, and to the whole world (literally), the advantages of the return of a market in the building that sheltered it decades ago.  Long ago concession The National Tourism Service (Sernatur), a public agency of great international Prestige for its brilliant management to develop tourism in Chile, awarded by its social service tourism, and recently by videos Promotional of our country with an international distinction that few countries in the world possess.
The state investment in this building for there works splendidly Sernatur has been high, its location is very appropriate to its function, and it gives Chile prestige to operate in a national heritage building in which has been conditioned a program of offices and rooms of RE Unions around a great hall that serves magnificently the activities of promotion of the tourism, of our country, of all the regions, and that invests and maintains its facades in very good way
To date it enjoys being a location for Sernatur that is part of a collective memory, recognized by nationals and foreigners for its social function.  Only.
Contrary to this, it proposes today to be converted into a market of supplies, where they traded fruits, vegetables, fish and shellfish, etc., and which also considers a gastronomic pole of restaurant (El Mercurio, 7/MAY). One of many centers of same program.
But also: do you have a study for this new role in this site of Providence that will account for its impact road and public transport so it means the movement of trucks or vans that supply and parking vehicles p Úblico and tenants; Are there studies of its environmental impact?
As a collegiate architect we believe that it is not possible to participate in the contest that has been launched by the municipality without studies and reasons that have been mentioned must be given, or voted, we deem necessary a citizen participation.
It seems to us that this is unpresentable to be accepted by the government of turn, Sernatur is a state agency.  This goes beyond the right of ownership, so it means an inter-communal or metropolitan urban planning, and for what it means for the image of Chile.
Juan Pablo Vigneaux Bravo

Original source in Spanish

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