translated from Spanish: «Rockers», the National meeting of women climbers will make their second version in the region of Atacama

They made history in April 2018 when they gathered 30 women climbers from different Latin American countries and n the valley of the Condors, Maule region. This year they want to overcome the call but at the summits of the Atacama region.
This is why «rockers», the sports movement of women climbers who also carries an initiative of environmental awareness, opened the nominations for their second meeting of women’s climbing in Chile to be held at the zoo of stones Boiler.
This time the destination will be in the region of Atacama, famous for the structure and physiognomy of its rocks, in addition to the great potential it possesses for Bouldering, one of the most popular climbing modalities in Chile that consists of climbing rock blocks of no more than 8 meters if n the need to use rope and harness.
«We chose this sector, which is located in the desert flowery, to show the urgency of building trails and delimit sectors to put the ‘ crash pad ‘ and, with this, protect the flora of the sector. Therefore, it is important to start working on a good management plan that allows this sport to develop in a sustainable way in time, «said Pilar Elorriaga, organizer of the meeting.
The 4-day activity will also include a series of talks on sustainable climbing, safety workshops and conscious feeding; Sports clinics and activities aimed at improving the areas used to practise this sport.
Climbers from any part of the world will be able to attend this day from June 13th to 16th, registering on the website until May 17th. The results of the nominations will be delivered on May 22nd on the same website.
What is rockers?
Rockers is a movement of women united by climbing and caring for the environment, whose objective is «to transform the lovers of this sport into agents of change that help to give visibility to the problems that affect the climbing points and this way G Enerar actions that contribute to their protection. »
In addition, it is set as a point of convergence for climbers to learn to empower themselves around climbing and become agents of change that help to give visibility to major environmental problems.
«It is the climbing community that must assume a leading role in the protection and promotion of good practices for a sustainable step in such places,» said Elorriaga.

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