translated from Spanish: They found 3 condors killed in Malargüe and activated the emergency protocol.

The Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources, of the Ministry of Environment and Land management of Mendoza received a complaint from individuals for the presence of two dead condors on the National Route 145. The protocol established by the Andean Condor Conservation Project, which the provincial government is part of with other provincial and national institutions, was immediately activated. Immediately, park rangers from the Natural protected area of the Witches Cavern moved to the Poti Malal area with police officers from Mendoza, located in Bardas Blancas. There, the Rangers noted the presence of three lifeless specimens of the Andean condor, two females and one male. At the discovery, the park guards raked the area in search of other dead animals and no other specimens were found. With the support of the police, the inhabitants of the two stations of the area were made a statement. In one they refused to know the presence of the Condor in the area and the other clarified that they had seen the bodies but they had not been manipulated for fear that they were poisoned. Unable to verify the presence of a source of contamination and taking into account that these animals can be moved up to 300 km per day to feed, the specimens were transferred to the facilities of the Cullunche Foundation for Necropsy. The radiographs ruled out the presence of lead or ammunition and samples were taken to send them to Fundación Bioandina, in Buenos Aires, in search of signs of death from intoxication. The park rangers, with the support of the Mendoza police, will continue to visit the area to monitor the state of the Condors ‘ population and the search for toxic baits, to corroborate whether it is an isolated case or if the threat remains present. As for the investigation, all the tests will be provided to the Fiscal Office of the Department, for the initiation of the investigation. The Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources recalls that the Andean Condor as well as all the wild fauna of the province of Mendoza are protected by the national Fauna Law 22421, the Provincial accession Law 4602, its amending law 7308 and the Decree Regulations 1890/05. Those wishing to provide information on wounded wildlife specimens or to report cases of hunting or illegal possession may do so through the complaint portal on the website environment: www. ambiente. Mendoza. Gov. Ar. In addition, They can contact the Renewable Natural Resources Directorate by telephone at 4252090 and 4257065, from 8 to 13, Monday to Friday or at 911 (police of Rural security of Mendoza). The capture, illegal holding and commercialization of fauna is penalized by the legislation, as well as the destruction of their habitats, nests, eggs and offspring. The alleged offender is at the disposal of justice and may be repressed with penalties even in prison. In addition, fines for such infringements reach values of up to $100,000 per specimen, depending on the severity of the fact. In this note:

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