translated from Spanish: Metro President: «It was an act that can be qualified as a terrorist»

The president of the Metro board, Louis de Grange, referred this day to the frustrated attack that was the subject, after last night received an explosive device via a shipment that came to his home. This day the government rejected the fact, which it described as serious and said that it will accelerate the process of the anti-terrorism law. In the morning, in addition, the group of individuals tending to the wild, was awarded the event, who also said they had attempted to attack the former president of Codelco, Óscar Landerretche in 2017. «Nothing serious has happened and we are thankful for all this concern,» said De Grange, who also said that «Metro will continue to fulfill the mandate that the society has put.» I have full confidence in the work that government authorities and police make and continue to do, we are in good hands and hopefully the investigation of all these facts come to a good port, «he said. We have the conviction that we will follow our lives normally, «added the president of Metro.De Grange also said that» Metro has the highest standards of security requirements. » «Not about the facts of a punctual work are changed measures. Metro passengers can have all the peace of mind that the trip will be safe, «he added. The Metro president also said that it was an «act that can be described as a terrorist.»

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