translated from Spanish: Passenger shot in transport assault

A passenger was shot in the head after he refused to hand over his phone to criminals who boarded a combi on Route 89 to attack.
The events took place around 07:00 hours this Friday when the criminals boarded the unit at the height of Xalostoc, on the Mexico-Pachuca highway in the city of La.
Lee: Assaults on public transport in CDMX Triple in one year: 28 daily Cases recorded
After the robbery, the driver continued his journey to the whereabouts of Green Indians, however, upon arriving the passenger had already passed away.
Ministerial staff went to do the lifting of the body and started the investigations.
Throughout 2018, 9000 robberies were committed in public transport, ie an average of 25 rounds per day, according to figures from the Executive secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP).
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