translated from Spanish: Den and criticism of advertising «fair admission»: «I do not see TV serials, I learned there that the child was an actor»

The Minister of Education, Marcela Densa, responded to the controversy raised by the massive e-mail sent by the Secretary of State in defense of the bill «Fair Admission» (which seeks to replenish the selection «by merit») to Co Rreos that the parents used for the school admission System (SAE), during the year 2018. The criticisms suggest that to occupy this database for another purpose, propaganda for a new law, was unacceptable, as noted among other authorities the parliamentarian and President of the Commission of Education of the lower house, Camila Rojas. The defense of the minister is that they have been kept under what the comptroller has regulated in this respect. Also addressed the comments made in relation to a tweet in which shows a message from the student Elias Collado, who is a television actor and was quickly recognized by users of the social network, something that had not been explained in the Publicity to also promote the «Fair Admission» project. «This boy actually counted there that he was an actor of this TV series, he is a child of excellent performance, he was accompanied by his father,» explained Dens and stressed that the testimony of the child used in the graph of the Mineduc was real. «I don’t watch TV serials, I found out there that the kid was an actor, the other students who were there told me.» Added. It is worth mentioning that this Monday will put on board the idea of legislating the project «Fair Admission», which seeks to modify the system of school admission, which will reach national coverage this year with the incorporation of the campuses of the metropolitan region. This proposal has not had support from the opposition, where they argue that «we are interested in making changes and adjustments to the school admission system, but we disagree with what the government is proposing and that within democratic dialogue is legitimate», Said Congresswoman Frenteamplista Camila Rojas, president of the Education Commission. For his part, his par Frentamplista Gonzalo Winter (RD), a member of the Education Commission, said that den them resigned to fulfill the task assigned to him and recalled that the Minister supported a constitutional accusation against the former education holder and today Parliamentarian, Yasna Provo, for much less. «He has given up on the primary task he had, which was to effectively inform the parents and guardians of the metropolitan region of the new access system to schools and, on the contrary, what he has done is a charter campaign that borders the boycott» Said Winter. «I can say that Minister Densa-when I was a parliamentarian-starred in a constitutional accusation against Yasna Provo for a lot less and, as an opposition, we are studying what to do about it, but our main goal is not to harm the minister But it is that someone does the job that Minister Den has deliberately decided not to do, «the legislator added. The director of the Puente Maipo School of the Nocedel Foundation, Miguel Arce, who delivers free education to students at social risk, criticized that the current school admission system puts vulnerable students at risk. «What we would like is to be able to maintain this positive discrimination, that is, to give preference to those who most need it in schools that have been born to address poverty,» said Arce. «Why you could not think of high performance schools is allowed to select a certain number and allow us to select in the reason of poverty,» he said. Meanwhile, this Saturday there was a march for inclusion in education for people with different disabilities or illnesses. According to the organisers of the demonstration, the majority of minors with difficulties do not have access to quality education and are discriminated against by public and private schools. «Guarantees of access, permanence and exit are needed on equal conditions, with reasonable curricular adjustments, recognition of studies and preferential subsidy for those who need it,» said the conveners.

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