translated from Spanish: Who is Marilina Bertoldi, the winner of the Golden Gardel

Since last night and throughout the day, Marilina Bertoldi was on everyone’s lips. Portrayed as Trending Topic, in media headlines or as isolated tweets, its name is inmiscuyó in every possible corner. Both the Gardel de Oro who won for his latest work «Ignite a fire» as the speech that followed the delivery managed to capture the attention of the spectators. If by chance you still don’t know who we are talking about, we present a brief introduction to the wonderful world of Marilina Bertoldi.

Santa Fe native of Sunchales. 30 years. Sister of Lula Bertoldi, singer of Eruca Sativa. He moved to Capital Federal as soon as he finished high school and began to study publicity as he faced solo shows with covers and his own compositions. His beginnings had some YouTuber: in 2008 he went to his channel a video playing his song «If You don’t see», he ended up turning viral, and gave him the impulse he needed to build a more professional band. That’s how Marilina Connor Questa was born.

With this project I would edit two discs, «We Are by Parts» (2011) and «Fire to the Universe» (2013). After this last work, they separate by alleging «great conceptual differences with respect to the present and future of the band». In parallel, Marilina was exploring his path as a soloist: in 2012 he launched «The weight of the sighing air» through YouTube, a mechanism he repeated for «the presence of the people who leave» in 2014.

Already formally «separated», the minor Bertoldi took out its third album «Sex with Models» (2016), which would deserve the Gardel prize for best album Female Artist of Rock the following year and a nomination with the Latin Grammys. » Ignite a Fire «; His last work, saw the light in 2018 and obtained the statuette for Best Female album Rock and Best Album of the year, equivalent to the Gardel de Oro.
Marilina was 12 years old when Mercedes Sosa became the first woman-and until yesterday, the only one-to obtain the Gold Award in the delivery organized by CAPIF. Today, «It was won by a lesbian.»

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