translated from Spanish: Author of the murder to protagonist of the «Narco Funeral» in Conchalí was remanded in custody

During this Saturday was formalized by the crime of homicide qualified the main suspect of Bastian López (19). In addition, the court ruled that the accused would be remanded in custody. The case of Lopez was in the arena this week, because his «narco funeral» in the commune of Conchalí provoked a strong police shelter, due to the incidents recorded during his wake, including the use of fireworks and shots in the air. The prosecutor Macarena Cañas, of the central North Regional prosecutor’s Office, explained that this fact «has clearly meant a serious situation for the community because of the power of fire occupied in this assassination and that it moves», according to Emol’s slogan. In the same line, he added that «that is why the prosecution in this case, together with Carabineros, developed the investigation, through the support given by the community as is usually the case in these cases, which give an account of sufficient background to be able to impute the crime and so It is as the judge of the hearing decreed the remand of the accused. » On the other hand, the Persecutora explained that 100 days of deadline were established for the investigation of this case, due to the «level of antecedents that could be gathered and that have managed to satisfy the standard necessary to estimate that it has corresponded Participations in this homicide and also corresponds to a real danger to the security of society. » Finally, Cañas said that the formalized has not yet given a statement, and that at the moment there is no evidence to prove the participation of third parties in the homicide of Lopez.

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