translated from Spanish: Kidney or Picaña? Rump good, pretty and cheap cuts

In this new installment of Plan B, a series of videos where we look for alternative cuts or products, we know more about cuts that easily replace the chorizo steak or the tail of rump. First the first thing: the Picaña and the kidney together, make the rump. These two cuts come out of the back room of the Res. . La Picaña
It became famous because it comes from Brazil, it is a cut that there is famous but here, as we always ate as part of the rump, we do not identify it as such. The texture is very similar to the Riñanada, but the difference is in the fat. The Picaña has a grease «bumper» on the base, ideal for grilling. You can also find it as the top of rump the riñonadaTambién known as the heart of rump, the kidney is very good for events with many people, you can cook the whole piece, which has no waste, and make it yield at 100%, not having fat, leather or bone. Tip: For sandwich It is calculated 150gr per person. Price: The Picaña costs 40% more than the kidney. If you take the whole cut (Picaña + rump), it’s going to be even cheaper. 
Cooking: Do not let dry these cuts that are lean, because the muscle retracts and is firm, ie, hard.
Here you can see Hernán Méndez Explicandotelo in the first person:

Original source in Spanish

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