translated from Spanish: Mexico publishes decree to eliminate tariffs on US products

(EFE).-The Government of Mexico celebrated the lifting of tariffs on its steel and aluminum by the United States, which was made effective on Monday, and issued an official decree to in turn cancel the reciprocal measures in force since June 2018. The U.S. government has issued the proclamation to exempt from Mexican aluminum and steel tariffs from May 20, «said the head of the Secretariat of Economics (SE), Graciela Márquez, on Twitter. In a newsletter, the proclamation WAS applauded» Made by U.S. President (Donald Trump) to eliminate tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico. »

As held since the start of the government of President Andrés Manuel @lopezobrador_, raising North America’s competitiveness required the removal of tariffs on steel and aluminum. — Graciela Márquez Tail (@GMarquezColin)
May 20, 2019

With Trump’s ad, released at the end of last week, the tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum originating in Mexico, imposed in June 2018 under section 232 of its trade law, are cancelled as of May 20. In reciprocity to this you say Ion, the Ministry of Economy issued a decree to eliminate reprisals imposed on June 5, 2018, on certain American products. In June of last year, tariffs entered into force in dozens of products such as flat steels (hot and cold foil, including coated and miscellaneous tubes), lamps, legs and pork vanes, sausages, food preparations, apples, grapes, blueberries and Various cheeses, among others.

Donald Trump also delayed any decision of imsexer tariffs on the importanciones of automobiles and autoparts. Photo: AP

These levies were applied to «an amount comparable to the level of impact» of Mexican steel and aluminum tariffs in the United States. According to the SE, the Mexico-US tariff elimination agreement announced on Friday, May 17 was possible Thanks to the «firm stance» that Marquez kept at all times of «not accepting quotas as a solution and that the only acceptable option for Mexico was the elimination of the measure.»

He also considered that the strategy of «reprisals» set in motion by the Secretariat of economy to certain American products among which the agricultural ones stood out, was «determinant» so that the decision makers in the United States «pressure the Trump administration. » This tariff suspension is expected to advance towards the ratification of the new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

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