translated from Spanish: The beginning of the end of the media? So was the talk of Mario Pergolini and Lalo Mir

The beginning of the end of the media?, a big question that makes reference to the modification that the media underwent structurally in recent years. Faced with this problem and the revolutionary changes in communication, Mario Pergolini (Ceo of Filo Media Group) and Lalo Mir (conductor of the news Filo. News) reviewed the three stages of mass Media: the past-principle-present-middle-and future- End?-, in an open talk organized by Filo. News, which was moderated by Julio Leiva, editorial director of the site. 

Both Mario and Lalo were avant-garde on radio and television, and today they continue with that innovative spirit in the project they share in Filo. News, offering content that tries to understand and capture new audiences. Their beginnings were in time, but they had something in common: rebellion. «I wanted to do what he did,» said Pergolini, remembering that he met Lalo Mir as a listener of «9 PM», a radio program that Lalo was driving with the black Vernaci on Radio del Plata.
«We were a little crazier than the common of the time,» said Lalo Mir

«I broke. I liked to break what was done to build something else, «conceded Mir, showing in turn his technological side:» We were all terrain. The previous generation sat at the table and talked, but did not know how a recorder worked. It was fierrero and that came from the world of rock. I was testing all the artifacts and so I met the technology. »

Mario Pergolini, Julio Leiva and Lalo Mir

That was what allowed him to adapt to the changes that little by little (or now very quickly) were giving. Today we came across a huge media crisis marked by the Internet that, with its arrival, broke with a lot of standards. That is, today the big media like television and radio compete with the Internet, and that becomes very difficult for all that this «new» medium can offer as opposed to the «Old Ones».
«All the time history shows us that everything changes,» said Lalo Mir

«Each person has become a medium and his emitter. A YouTuber or any musician that makes trap record a theme, upload it to the Internet and is seen in a few hours by thousands and thousands of followers, «said Lalo and acknowledged that» Internet broke all the schemes «but that is a tool with which continues to do the same He was doing, obvious, differently. As Lalo has a history on the radio could live on that, as long as I got a sponsor who wants to hold although it is not really known if there would be revenue from that because today the brands have more ways to address, considering also that now everything is Quantitative and measurable.

Lalo Mir

The brands ask for reliable data on how the audience is made up because they can go to another platform. «In our case-on the radio-we had to diversify and see which audience is formed to offer the brands,» said Pergolini. So, in the face of this, the question is: «How to monetize? Because it’s a confusing time and audiences change very fast. » It is now known and naturalized that there are multiple ways to approach what one wants to see, and in that sense, as Mario pointed out, «you have to understand that a boy under 30 does not feel the anxiety that before he felt for the living» and «does not have it because the technology h Ace that you can not miss anything. »

Mario Pergolini

«The media are experiencing violent crises. The rating is dying, the average age of people who actually have a link with television is 65 years or more. The kids don’t watch TV, they go to social networks, «Lalo sentenced and at this point Mario agreed:» Audiences have changed, people don’t watch television. The moods changed, the radio became a commodity. »
«I have No melancholy,» admitted Mario Pergolini

«It’s hard for me to think three years from here, I don’t know what’s going to happen but it doesn’t scare me, and all this evolution didn’t displease me. The link with the media is changing and it’s okay, don’t have to have melancholy. Yes, this change cost us sources of work but because we do not know how to convert the media. And I regret that the radio and television in which I trained does not hold but not that there will be no more means, only that changes in a dizzying way and we do not understand it, «concluded Pergolini in this first edition of a cycle of free talks of Filo. News that will take place In Berlin Vorterix.

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